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The Mind Matters

For more than a decade, Eileen has helped dozens of athletes in all sports treat and manage varying levels of mental blocks. Below, please read thoughts from some of those cases.


Bridget Boyle
U of Illinois -- Chicago

I started having the yips in high school and it happened infrequently enough that I thought I could ignore it and get by. It wasn’t until college that the yips became something I couldn’t ignore and started to consume me. Luckily, Eileen was my coach at the time and gave me comfort in knowing that I wasn't alone and I had the coaches and teammates to support me. Eileen was able to help me understand why I had the yips. We developed a plan to work on my struggle and she gave me the tools and opportunities to ensure that the mental block wouldn't consume me. The yips was something that I thought I was, but after working one-on-one with Eileen, I found that the yips was something I could manage and overcome and return to performing at my highest potential.

Lacey Waldrop
Florida State
National Player of the Year

Eileen helped me immensely during my struggles with the yips my senior year in college. Being able to express my frustrations and emotions to someone who had gone through a similar situation was something I needed, and she provided emotional support as well as physical suggestions. Years later, she’s also helped some of the pitchers and players that I’ve worked with overcome their own struggles. Eileen continues to be the first person I recommend reaching out to when anyone asks me for advice regarding the yips. 

Karlee Knight
Concordia University

Right before going into college, I was struggling with the yips and terrified of what my new teammates would think of my playing abilities. Eileen welcomed me with open arms and was not only able to completely get rid of my yips, but also boost my confidence and transform me into the physically and emotionally strong player that I became during my college career. Her advanced expertise, as well as her caring and encouraging personality, make her a phenomenal coach that any player (regardless of level) would be lucky to have. 

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