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My name is Eileen Canney Linnehan and I had the yips. 

Despite pitching at high levels throughout my softball career, I struggled making simple overhand throws between the ages of 13-26. In college at Northwestern University, I didn’t make a single successful overhand throw that resulted in an out. I could flip the ball underhand, but when I went to make the throws, my arm would go numb, and the ball went everywhere except for my target. The root of my issue was deeply programmed from past experiences and was spiraling under the surface. I constantly feared defensive plays and letting my team down. As a result, a crippling mental block emerged.

Since earning my degree in human development and psychological services from Northwestern in 2007, I have taken a professional interest in best practices to control, maintain, and (in many cases) cure the yips. My education, first-hand experiences, and research have resulted in mentorships with dozens of affected athletes, conversations with countless coaches, and speaking engagements at national conferences. 

Situations and issues with mental blocks and the yips all vary, but my findings and solutions have been consistent. I have used these same methods for myself, and I am now one of my own success cases. I believe that I effectively communicate mental tactics and exercises to those who struggle with performance anxiety, mental blocks, and the yips. In most cases, the athletes have gained the ability to manage and overcome their issue.

I am currently on a mission to help these athletes reach their highest potential, void of an experience where mental blocks hinder their performance. I believe a personal connection and my empathy of their current state allows me to connect with the athlete at a deep level and get to the core of their issue. I am confident that I can help them begin, maintain, and finish their playing careers feeling more comfortable in their own skin and proud of their athletic accomplishments. 

I keep each individual case confidential and respect the team and athlete’s privacy. I am willing to address any of your needs and would love to provide a resource in this much-needed area. 

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions. My payment packages will be personalized to you and your team once we evaluate your needs. 


Thank you for playing your part to eliminate the stigma around mental blocks and the yips!

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